Cuff Guide

Cuff selection comes down mostly to personal preference. We have listed the cuff choices below for your selection, each represents a different style and formality. The Single Cuff Round is a regular choice for dress shirts and for casual shirts.

French Cuff Square is widely chosen for a formal dress shirt. There is also the choice of a Convertible Cuff which can be worn as both a Single Cuff and also with cufflink.


Single Cuff Round
Single Cuff Round is a standard choice for dress shirts, it is a classic and measures 2.5" long.

Single Cuff Cutaway 
A dressy cuff that has elegant cutaway angle and measures 2.5" long.
French Cuff Square
French Cuff Square is standard choice for French cuffs, it is a square cuff which is worn with cufflinks and measures 2.75" long when folded.
French Cuff Round
French Cuff Round is just like the French Cuff Square except it has rounded cornders.
Convertible Cuff 
The Convertible cuff is a square cuff, it can be worn buttoned like a Single Cuff or it can be worn with cufflinks.
Single Cuff Two Button Round 
Two Button Round is a dressier cuff and measures 3" long.
Single Cuff Two Button Cutaway   
Two Button Cutaway is also a formal choice and measures 3" long.
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