How to Order a Custom Shirt

We would like you to design your made-to-measure Shirts down to the detail, choosing from wide variety of customization options and hundreds of fabrics.

Get measured and enjoy our tailoring experience at our showroom in Hong Kong, or order on our website at your convenience.    If you have ordered from us previously, we do have a record of your measurements and style.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to order a Custom Shirt

Step 1 : Choose the Fabric

Select from our inventory of over 500 premium fabrics. 

Step 2 – Choose the Fit

Choose a fit to define your shirt’s oveall silhouette.  The fit ranges from slim fit, classic fit and comfortable loose fit.

Step 3 - Choose the Sleeve

Choose either long sleeve or short sleeve shirt.

Step 3 – Choose the Collar

Choose from 17 different collar styles, you can have a formal look or a casual one

Step 4 – Choose the Cuffs

Choose from 7 different cuff styles depending on your style and if you wear cufflinks

Step 5 – Choose the Pocket

Choose from 4 different pocket styles and you can also choose not to have any pockets.

Step 6 – Choose the Placket

Choose to have a standard placket or a Flyfront where your buttons are hidden or you can have plain front without a placket.   For tuxedo shirts, we have two options

Step 7 – Choose the Bottom

Choose to have a Rounded bottom which is standard for shirts or you can have a square bottom if your shirts is always tucked in.

Stem 8 – Choose the Pleats on the back

For more comfort on movement, you can add pleats on the back, choose to have Side pleats for classic shirts or a Center Box Pleat for casual shirts.  And you can always have a plain back (no pleats) for slim or regular fitted shirts.

Step 9 – Choose to have darts

Choose to add add darts for a tapered waist fitting

Step 10 – Option for a button on Sleeve Placket

Choose to add a button on the sleeve placket.    Our standard style is without a button.

Step 11 – Enter your measurements

Enter your measurements by following our guide here or choose to follow the same measurements as your last purchase

Step 12 – Complete your purchase

You have finished the process of making a shirt and may proceed with your purchase.

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